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Associate Professor, Michigan State University

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how i met mike

how i met mike

  • mle
  • seemed to be incredibly intimidating at first
  • but playful

no more true than when it came to his communications

  • which at times would be hilarious
  • and at others confounding


  • summer support,
  • but more importantly is the time he gave us … i would send him a paper and he would somehow respond back within a day


ring of fire

  • probably the most fun thing about mike was just how enjoyable he was to work with …
  • this is showing
  • and just incredibly painful

collaboration network

  • set of people he collaborated with is huge, this is pulled from google scholar

interesting patterns emerge when we look at this over time

  • forgive me that these are rough dates from google scholar about when epople worked him, this is specificaully showing publication and we all know how long it takes for a paper to actuallybe published
  • network grew over times
  • he not only brought people together but also created the kind of collaborative atmosphere that you actually wanted to keep working with those people

because of him

  • a few wardlab people and me have done a bunch fo publications together

his second order impacts are hard to measure